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Beginning November 9, 2015, when logging in to TeamDynamix, you will see a new login page named "Login." Login moves the university to 2-factor authentication, strengthening protection of university data.

This new login page will prompt you to enroll a device to serve as your second factor for authentication. Have your second factor in hand when you are ready to enroll. It can be a mobile phone, landline phone, tablet or other mobile device. It is recommended that you enroll at least TWO devices so that you always have a backup, and that one of the devices is a telephone. For a time, you will be able to postpone enrolling in 2-factor authentication in favor of a time that is convenient for you.

In the coming months, 2-factor authentication will be implemented for most Virginia Tech services and applications to boost data security and help safeguard faculty, staff, and student information.

For more information or to follow the 2-Factor Authentication Program, visit the website www.it.vt.edu/2factor/.

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